Interview with Nanshak: An expose into the mind of a young creative

 ◦ This was a virtual interview conducted in accordance with these times we live in.

  • Your sophomore album Is soon to be released, how do you feel about it?

 I’ve been so hyped about it. I’ve been working on it for quite some time now and it’s going to be special. I really don’t want to let on much but I’m really excited for what the future has to bring in. I’m so proud of my growth through either my personal life drama or music. I been working so hard trying to find my sound you know, so that curiosity led me to explore so many sounds in the search for sounds that resonate with me. The search to find self, dare I say. So eventually I found what I currently think I really want to work with and yeah, I just want you my listeners to enjoy the journey with me as I develop this sound and myself as an artist.

  • ◦ How long have you been working on it?

 I’ve been working on it since I started my music career the name of the album is “might be where sharks stay” . I’ve been working on this album for quite some time now and I have so many unreleased music I’ve kept for this album, a special moment in my career. It’s been a journey and I’ve been through a lot this the past year that changed the lens through which I view life itself. A shift in perspective as deep as that is bound to make imprints on the music I make and how I view music in general you know.

  • ◦ Any specific inspirations on this album?

I was heavily inspired by lots of Fela Kuti in or Frank Ocean Tyler, The Creator. This tape’s vibe I’d say is an afro-centric vibe with you know with an expression of some good old-school R&B lovin’. This vibe is really just a reflection of how this pandemic really affected me so much that I was actually you know looking for love & acceptance maybe in the wrong places. In hindsight, I made one too many mistakes. So it’s just an offering of love acceptance and good vibes to my listeners. My own version of love and light in these scary hours.

  • ◦ What is your definition of success in this music industry?

 I make music for me first and foremost. Success for me is when I’m able to express myself with creative freedom and make what I love without the need for external validation.

  • ◦ Do you want to touch your listeners through vibes or substance?

  Like I said, love and light. I make an afro-centric style of music so I prefer the vibe to uplift my listeners. Yktv.

  • ◦ Who are your producers for this tape?

 Zamar, Core, Wonderlust, Koffibae and Zeldak. These are the producers I feel get my sound and do a great job with my mixes and the technical stuff. We have chemistry haha.

  • ◦ How do you handle work life and school balance?

 Man! I don’t know how I do it but I just do it. I’m currently in my final semester of university so I’m just trying to just focus more in school and bag my degree you know, because that’s what actually brought me here in the first place and from here I hope that life takes me to the right path.

  • ◦ Last time we had this interview you were separated from fam up till now actually…how has that affected you as an individual and then the music you create?

I deeply miss home man. I miss the food & culture a lot. It’s heavily affected me because I just want to be in a place where I’m free. I don’t feel free here man. To be honest, I just feel trapped. I feel like this country just drains my creativity sometimes but you know hopefully the situation gets better and I’m just hoping that wherever I find myself in or whatever the future has planned for me it’s going to be a safe haven.

  • ◦ What’s your creative routine like… do you create everyday… inspiration based or weekly?

I write all the time, I’m with either writing on paper or I’m writing music in my head and on my phone. Whenever I get an inspiration, I just write it down because you know the quality things come at the unexpected times or the things that make you blow up someday.

  • ◦ Any positive thing you would like to speak into existence through this medium? Something we can look back at in 5 years and said he saw it all along?

I’ll always triumph over whatever obstacle life may through me and come-out on top. I trust the process.

  • ◦ What did you learn from 2021?

 You’ve got to be self-centred. Everything thing they tell you don’t be. Why wouldn’t you be self-centred, or selfish? that’s because everything is balanced around self. They tell you to pass self of and do nothing for self-that’s Neglect. Which leads to self-destruction.

  • ◦ Any piece of advice for those reading?

Treat yourself like a God. Learn to thank yourself more. Treat yourself as a man would treat a lady who he’s madly in love with.

  • ◦ As a creative myself… I’m curious to know… how much of self-belief is needed in this industry… in this game of life?…

Belief is everything, I never doubt myself. Doubt is man’s greatest weakness. You’ve only got to be right once and that’s it.

  • ◦ Anything you want your listeners to watch out for in your next tape?

A more calm and balanced state of mind.

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